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The Tale Of Cecilia And Joseph

My name is Cecilia, betrothed to Joseph. Or at least I still consider myself to be.

On the morning of our wedding, my beloved came to my room, just before the ceremony. He told me he wished to speak with me in private. I told him it was bad luck to see his bride before the wedding, but he assured me I needn’t worry. That it would not take long.

We took a walk in the gardens and out to the field. He seemed nervous, but so was I. We were about to become husband and wife and start our life together.

We also still knew little of each other. It had been in our families best interest that we would marry. He is a beautiful and loving man, it seemed, I fell in love with him instantly.

After about fifteen minutes walk, just when I was about to ask him if we should not return shortly or we’d be late to our own wedding, he halted me.

He took a black cloth from his pocket and told me to close my eyes. That he had something for me. Before he blindfolded me, I got to look into his eyes. What I saw there was rage and fear.

‘What is the matter?’ I asked as he put the cloth in front of my eyes and tied it at the back. He did not answer, but I dared not ask him again.

I heard rustling of clothes and steps on the field of grass. It was as if he was pacing from and towards me.

An unfamiliar click, followed by what sounded like a shot. A weird feeling rushed near my heart, but it did not hurt, there was no pain.

It was as if the world slowed down and time was no longer of importance. I felt a numbness spread around my heart, then a warmth on my body. When I touched where I felt the weird sensation, my fingers felt something wet. It was the last thing I noticed before my vision turned black and my body went limp.

When my body came to, it was dark out. I was still blindfolded but strangly enough, I could still see perfectly so I decided to leave it be. I saw blood on my dress, it had dried up a little.

If only I knew where Joseph was, the man that was to become my husband, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I went in search for him, to ask him why he did what he did and if he didn’t love me anymore. Maybe I could talk to him about wanting to marry me still.

I just cannot seem to find him. I have been looking for him for as long as I can remember but one day I will find him and hope he will take me back.


Title: Marilyn
Pairing: Adam Lambert / TommyJoe Ratliff
Rating: G
Word Count: 383
Tags: homesickness, e-mail

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